Thursday, February 4, 2010

Advice to a 14 year old girl named Lost

Dear Lost,

Will you stop? Just slow down and listen for once. I know you think you know everything already but trust me you don't. And it so hard living a life full of regrets.

You think growing up fast is the answer. Just get it over with, that's what they all say. And you'll spend your life just getting it over with, missing everything. Your not cherishing the things God has given you.

Your mama loves you. You know she right about...Everything! She knows you better than you could ever know yourself. So stop treating her like she is from another planet. Tell her you love her because you don't say it enough and you can't say it enough. Believe it or not she will one day be your best friend and your biggest fan.

Be patient with your daddy. I know it feels like he wants to control you but he is pretty scared right now. He is losing his little girls. So give him a break.

I know sisters can be a pain but you need to remember no friend can replace them. They will always be there. So be there for them.

Friends are important when you 14. They are the ones you share your hopes and dreams with. But I have a warning for you, don't put all hopes and dreams into one person because she will let you down. Just remember misery loves company.

You will look back years from now and wish for more. More time to spend with your mama, more coaching from your daddy, lots more barbie time and girl talk with your sisters. But you can't turn back time. The path your own is bumpy and curvy at best. You will come to many forks in the road and wonder which way you should go. Trust in your heart and you will always find happiness.



  1. I love this! So true! If only we knew this at that age. Let Desiree read this!

  2. Very good and very true!

    Love you!