Wednesday, February 10, 2010

party plans

Not much going on here. Trying to prepare for Desiree's 11th birthday.
She is having a skating party. I am not real good at making decisions, like decorations or food.. So I will be agonizing over this all week.

christy C

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Advice to a 14 year old girl named Lost

Dear Lost,

Will you stop? Just slow down and listen for once. I know you think you know everything already but trust me you don't. And it so hard living a life full of regrets.

You think growing up fast is the answer. Just get it over with, that's what they all say. And you'll spend your life just getting it over with, missing everything. Your not cherishing the things God has given you.

Your mama loves you. You know she right about...Everything! She knows you better than you could ever know yourself. So stop treating her like she is from another planet. Tell her you love her because you don't say it enough and you can't say it enough. Believe it or not she will one day be your best friend and your biggest fan.

Be patient with your daddy. I know it feels like he wants to control you but he is pretty scared right now. He is losing his little girls. So give him a break.

I know sisters can be a pain but you need to remember no friend can replace them. They will always be there. So be there for them.

Friends are important when you 14. They are the ones you share your hopes and dreams with. But I have a warning for you, don't put all hopes and dreams into one person because she will let you down. Just remember misery loves company.

You will look back years from now and wish for more. More time to spend with your mama, more coaching from your daddy, lots more barbie time and girl talk with your sisters. But you can't turn back time. The path your own is bumpy and curvy at best. You will come to many forks in the road and wonder which way you should go. Trust in your heart and you will always find happiness.


Monday, February 1, 2010

Google game

Got this from my sister's blog. Thanks Carrie!

Favorite drink
Cherry Coke

Favorite Show

Someday nurse

Car I had as a teenager
85' chevy cavalier

Favorite meal
Pizza with my cherry coke

Celebrity look alike
Camilia Belle or Michelle Branch

Celebrity Crush
Brad in Legends of the fall

Favorite childhood toy

Christy C

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Looking at yesterday's post, I am afraid of what I may say today. Thanks for the advice but I have tried almost everything to get sleep. Nothing seems to help. What sucks the most is by the next day I am so exhausted that I can't put any of my good ideas to use. I lucky that I can go on this blog and talk whether anyone listening or not.
How can I put this night time has always been this long journey for me. As a child I spent endless nights crying and fighting off the wicked witch of the west. Only to end up in the comfort of my parents bed. As I got older I let night become a safe place for my imagination to take over. I remember praying to see an angel and there above my bed an angel hovered around me and I felt safe. As I have had children, it's the night terrors that shake me the most. Or it's my husband who is really shaken up by these dreams. I wake up screaming, being attacked by insects, spiders mostly but they are so real to me and during them my eyes are wide open. So for me being plagued
by information that could be useful is some sorta relief. Lucky me, right. Okay, done for now.

Christy C

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


So, I can't sleep at night. What is wrong with me? It's like I think of nothing all day long but the minute I hit the sheets something comes over me and I become a genius or something. I think of crazy things,Like how to stop world hunger or have world peace. Okay,Okay maybe nothing that important. I have to figure out a way to harness this power for good. Maybe a super hero persona would be my best bet. INSOMNIA GIRL! "Thinking at night when everyone is asleep". No, that's not really the best catch phrase. I don't know if ya'll can come up with something let me know. I am open to suggestion, considering apparently my brain turns off at sunrise. Well, I think I will go rest my mind for awhile.

Christy C

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

90's add on

Here are some pics of me in my 90's glory.
16th birthday and no I am not pregnant.

Coke Cola rocks? And sabagoes.

Matchy, matchy outfits and Sam and Libby's


Those are mine, show me yours.
Christy c

A 90's Remix

This is what I remember the 90's to be. I was in middle school and High school in the 90's. What do you remember?
Beavis And Butthead
Yes I know but it is classic 90's. So watch and remember when you thought it was funny. And you know you did.


Blossom one of my favorite show's and Joey's was always nice to look at.

90210 one of the only shows from way back then that will stop me in my tracks to this day. And by the way the New 90210 sucks!

My So Called Life
Loved it and Jared Leto is still hot.

Clueless (And I was)

Fashion Anyone

combat boots

Friendship Braceletts

Begging your mom for no Catheads, Please! And maybe once gluing the blue keds logo on the back of a cheap pair. I said maybe...

Penny Loafers

Kool Aid hair dye
My fav Black Cherry

Everything Grunge
Thanks Nirvana.

Well this is what I remember from those days. Hope it brought back good memories.