Thursday, January 28, 2010

Looking at yesterday's post, I am afraid of what I may say today. Thanks for the advice but I have tried almost everything to get sleep. Nothing seems to help. What sucks the most is by the next day I am so exhausted that I can't put any of my good ideas to use. I lucky that I can go on this blog and talk whether anyone listening or not.
How can I put this night time has always been this long journey for me. As a child I spent endless nights crying and fighting off the wicked witch of the west. Only to end up in the comfort of my parents bed. As I got older I let night become a safe place for my imagination to take over. I remember praying to see an angel and there above my bed an angel hovered around me and I felt safe. As I have had children, it's the night terrors that shake me the most. Or it's my husband who is really shaken up by these dreams. I wake up screaming, being attacked by insects, spiders mostly but they are so real to me and during them my eyes are wide open. So for me being plagued
by information that could be useful is some sorta relief. Lucky me, right. Okay, done for now.

Christy C

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  1. I used to have extreme night terrors when I was younger. I would wake up screaming and my parents had to walk me around the house so I would wake up. I have to take Ambien at night to sleep. Have you tried talkin to your doctor about that? It works really well for me.