Friday, January 15, 2010

I haven't forgotten

So, I haven't forgotten about all three of my followers. Thanks to my sisters! I have just been going nuts from total and utter boredom. I literally have nothing to say. I can usually find something to complain about......No, nothing. I have cleaned and washed clothes and no one wants to know how many pairs of underwear I have. Don't worry I am not going to say. I have finally gotten out of school only to wish I was back there. At least there I felt as if I was doing something but here I just wait til 2:30 to get the kids and then pray they need me for something after that. I am going to start studying really hard for my LPN exam this weekend. And my instructor from school has asked me to help her reorganize her very large house and do some deep cleaning. ( No laughing, I have no problem organizing someone else's life, even though mine is, a little random.) I need the money, so of course I will do it. My mama wasn't very happy about it, reminding me that is not what I went to school for. But the truth is no one wants to hire an almost nurse and I hate relying on Russell for everything. This a good thing. She can't do it and I can, so why not. Well, here is to a good weekend.

Christy C

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  1. Hey you want me to do a feature on you to get more followers or you can give me a recipe or something!

    Nose ring or no nose ring that is the question!