Monday, January 11, 2010

Entry ....Whatever! How was the weekend?

The weekend....
Friday Night was the first of many basketball games to come. Harley did a great job. You have to understand him alittle though just to get the dynamics of the situation. He is pretentious, he believes nothing you say, unless it is impossible to be true,( Example: "Harley the grass is green." He replies "No it's not" "Harley aliens are in the back yard" "Where?") he is a lover not a fighter, clumsy, hard-headed, unconcerned with just about anything, unless it is food and he is only 7. I love him but he is what he is. Needless to say he can be hard for anyone to handle and most people just let him get is way. Don't get me wrong he isn't mean or rude, he just has a way of sweet talking adults. Anyway, back to the game. Harley played his best. He is alot smaller than the other boys and can't quite figure out why his charms don't work on his teammates and the other team.
Harley's idea of basketball

On Saturday it was Desiree's turn. I could tell she was nervous and anxious before the game even started. It was definitely a slow start but they picked up and Desiree was pleasantly surprised when she made a goal. She too is a bit shorter than other girls her age. And I always tell her just because your a little smaller than the others doesn't mean you can't play, it just means you have to work harder at it. Desiree

The rest of the weekend was spent grocery shopping and cleaning. Oh and my microwave is shot. Which is just wonderful. Don't know when that will get fixed.


  1. Cute picture of Harley!!! Glad your weekend was good!

  2. ok you have got to quit changing the name lol I don't know which one to follow!

    Cute name btw :D