Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Me and my mini mes

So, I got the pleasure yesterday of taking my 7 year old son to basketball practice. Yes, a gym full of screaming boys, it was wonderful. As I sat there trying to read, which is an unusual site but I am trying, I was hit with a Revelation. On that gym floor was a whole lot of minis .. A new generation of ....well how can I put this... egotistical, loud mouth, two-faced, power hungry, self-doubting, scared of rejection little people. And it scared me because even though I know there is good in most people out there, I don't think anyone would hope that there children turn out to be younger versions of themselves. We all have hopes that the next generation will be wiser, happier, and more fulfilled then we find ourselves on most days. Am I passing all my bad decision making skills on to my children? Don't get me wrong I love kids. There is something so innocent about the way that look at you and how they see the world but if we continue to push them to grow up eventually that innocence will fade and they like us will judge before knowing, see with out even looking, hear but not listen. Well, I will make it my mission to let my little ones be who they are meant to be with no judgement in my heart and no regrets. Yes, even if one of them chooses to be thugalishus. But he will grow out of that.......Right?

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  1. LOL! This is too funny, but so true! Thugalishus!