Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Entry 2: Corrupting children

I have two kids Desiree and Harley and earlier today I had a Christmas meltdown. And I ask myself am I corrupting my children. It's hard to admit as a parent that sometimes I make mistakes when it comes to the two most important people in my life. But I do and earlier I did. I like for my house to be clean and I believe that at ages 10 and 7 they should participate in the going-ons of the house. Well, Mr. Wait on me hand and foot, would beg to differ with me. I should have been more prepared for the opposition but the optimist in me was not at all ready. Desiree was more than cooperative. Harley on the other hand let me know that this was a job for...Yes, ME! Well, this as you can guess ran right through me. To simplify what took place after I told him he was being a bad person and Santa Claus would not be visiting him at all. Well, I will be honest a few 4 letters words escaped my pierced lips during this fight for my Mommy freedom. I do not want my son to grow up looking for a woman to wait on him like he is the king of the Pharaohs. Anyway, when the dust settles, I am left wondering if I have left permanent scares on his 7 year old heart and soul. Some of the worst things are made on the best intentions.
I love both my kids with all my heart and at the end of the day I believe they know this and that is all I am sure of at this point. Maybe I will get lucky and Dr. Phil will be out of business before my kids are old enough to go there.

A mother's love
A mother's love is giving and kind
A mother's love will smack your behind

A mother's love will scream and holler
A mother's love is worth more than dollars

A mother's love is hard to find
A mother's love will always shine

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